Lead Backend Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Job description
Employer: Big Health Inc.
Job title: Lead Backend Engineer
Job location: San Francisco, CA

1. Partner with commercial clients to gather requirements and technical specifications.
2. Collaborate with internal teams in Clinical, Commercial, and Product to synthesize client requirements and build implementation plans.
3. Design technical solutions to meet requirements of clinical and commercial partners, as well as internal teams.
4. Generate documents to accompany technical solutions and specifications.
5. Implement technical integrations, including SSO (single-sign-on) functionality using SAML and OAuth, REST API integration for real-time communication with partner systems, system-external communication, and transfer solutions.
6. Act as a central point of contact on client projects and ensure alignment across all stakeholders.
7. Mentor Junior team members.
8. Conduct candidate interviews and participate in hiring panel discussions and other recruiting activities.
9. Position requires up to 5% of domestic and international travel.

• Bachelor’s degree or the foreign equivalent in computer science, software engineering, or a closely related field.
• 5 years of progressive post-graduate experience in a software development occupation.
• 5 years of experience designing and developing backend systems and building distributed systems.
• 5 years of experience with Python and PostgreSQL while working on production systems.
• 5 years of experience with software testing practices.
• 5 years of experience with AWS or comparable technology.
• 5 years of experience with Agile methodologies.
• Position requires up to 5% of domestic and international travel.

In order to apply, send resume or CV to applicants@bighealth.com and reference LBE.